The Beauty of Technology: How One Product Is Changing How Men Look

The Beauty of Technology: How One Product Is Changing How Men Look

When you think of technology, your mind probably instantly looks towards computers and data. And it should of course. But when you take a minute and just look around you, you will soon realize that technology is everywhere. From our refrigerators to our own bathrooms, there are so many objects and entities that we come to contact every day that would have never been there had it not been for these vast technological advances. One of them happens to be something that is changing the face of male beauty. I was brushing my teeth the other day and just noticed something at the edge of my eye, something that I had not noticed before even though it was sitting there the whole time for me and I have used it multiple times. That was and is the beard trimmer, something that you might have recently been introduced to, as it is gaining traction as a household product for men out there. But what is it about these top male facial hair trimmers that makes them so special?

Well for starters, they are revolutionizing the way we upkeep our beards. The ease, usability, and capability of one of these products can impact the way a man’s beard looks single handed. Now getting back to the technological aspect of this, here is how these trimmers work and why they are so effective:

A powerful rotary motor runs the system

The motor inside a beard trimmer is very desirable, and for good reasons. It works like your basic rotor which turns with power that is measured by RPM’s. This technology has been around for a while and is most commonly found inside your car’s hood. This means that there is a tiny little powerful motor that affects the way you shave and trim your facial hair. Yes you heard that right. Corded beard trimmers come with more power than cordless beard clippers and that is because the battery in the cordless ones limits the amount of power that goes toward the motor. Not to worry though, you really don’t need that much power to cut your facial hair, as long as you do not have a hedge bush up there!

What Can You Do With A Beard Trimmer

Whether you want to trim your really long beard down to a more manageable length, or want to show off your manly stubble, a trimmer is the right man for the job. To be honest, razor’s can’t give you the same trim and it is actually quite difficult to get the length you want with a Gillette. Electric shavers are more for getting a close razor shave, so that is where the beard clipper comes in. Your barber uses one and it is so effective that is used on people’s hair as well. It’s primary use however is for facial hair and it does such a potent job in handling the situation. I use mine every day and trim my beard to the length that I like and one that prevents any itching for occurring. Maintaining this product is easy too. All you need is a frugal clipper oil that you put a drop on the blades every couple of days to keep them fresh and from dulling. I really enjoy the uses of mine and definitely recommend that you get one as well if you do not already own one. Look for Wahl or Remington as they have been around for a while and make quality products.

I want you guys to look around your house after you read this and just see how many things that you haven’t cognitively noticed are actually made possibly by technology. I guarantee you will be surprised by the amount of things and you will probably write to me. Shoot me an email and tell me the most bizarre piece of technology that you own.

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Reasons You Should Have a Burner Phone for Emergencies

Reasons You Should Have a Burner Phone for Emergencies

While we enjoy incredible features of productivity that our smartphones have, the idea of having a burner phone in your pocket is great. But even before we get deep into the reasons you need to have such a phone, it would be great first to explain what this phone is all about.

Well, a burner phone simply means a prepaid phone. But to make it a little bit clearer than this, we can simply term these types of phones as those with limited or even completely absent internet capabilities. That said, here are reasons you need to have one.


Though burner phones cannot replace your smart one, you need them in your backup toolkit for all the right reasons. With a burner phone, you are safe and will be happy some day for having it. Besides that, they are cheap additions that don’t need to you blow your account to have them.

When you acquire such phones, make sure you store your vital information there. Your smart device might be everything at the moment, but you’ll one day be glad you had a burner phone. It saves and helps when you are in a mess.


You don’t need a Google account, apps and others in a burner phone. It, therefore, means that with one, you can maintain privacy. With it, you can make a call, send/receive messages and that’s all. GPS tracking your location is not applicable when it comes to such phones. So if you want to enjoy privacy, then go ahead and have a burner phone. However, that does not imply that you do away with your iPhone. You need it too but having a burner for privacy is also great.

Unforeseen Challenges

Wow, this should have been the first reason to have a burner phone. Though iPhones and other smart technologies have a high level of security, no one can be hundred percent sure about anything. Things happen, change or turn out to be the opposite of what we expect. To avoid the hassles that come with emergencies then have a burner phone. It can save you in such situations.

Make maximum use of the amazing features that smart devices have, but please for the sake of unforeseen circumstances, let there be a spare burner one in you toolkit.

Letting Go or Logging Out

Sometimes we need some time out from the normal lifestyle of having a smart device near us. However, the smart life can be addictive. If you want some moments out of the internet or the connected lifestyle, a burner phone is the best option for you. You’ll agree with us that with a smartphone at hand, it’s hard to keep off the social media and others.

Therefore, have a burner phone for use when you need some time away from the connected world.
You now have reasons to keep that old phone still or even acquire a new old styled one. It’s useful and has its time. Having it does mean you are not embracing tech trends. It’s just a sign of preparedness.

The most important time that will make you regret not having one is during an emergency. Don’t learn from experience in this case. Have one, and you’ll thank yourself some day in the future possibly.

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These Virtual Reality Apps Will Make Your Phone Your Best Friend

These Virtual Reality Apps Will Make Your Phone Your Best Friend

Do you have an iPhone or an Android handset but feel that it’s not doing as you expect? All you need to do is to get the best apps and start enjoying the incredible benefits of having virtual reality apps. Android and iPhone handsets can make do all those simple things that have been giving you hard times at home.

That aside, there are many other things for you if you have the right apps. Now the problem is which among the many apps there are great for your phone. Do you need to test all of them before picking one? Well, that might not be the best option.

All you need to do is to know the best ones and install them on your phone. Some of the best virtual reality apps for you include:


Well, this is obvious, and you must have expected it. You need this to enjoy virtual reality and videos 24/7. Nowadays there’s no need to buy lots of discs to watch videos and your other favorite stuff. With a smartphone, you can stream videos on YouTube from the comfort of your home without any limit.

Though there are other alternatives, there’s none that compares with YouTube. It’s the best, and every user of a smart device should have an app for this amazing video king. In fact, we cannot talk about virtual reality without mentioning YouTube.


If you love traveling and would like to have as many photos as possible, then you need Orbulus. Are you asking what is Orbulus? Well, it’s an amazing gallery of images of real-world places that many people travel every year.

Ask any travel enthusiast about it, and you’ll get to know what it means to have such a collection on your phone.

With it, you’ll always have a feeling of being in those places even if you’ve never been there in person. It’s the best for guys who love travelling. You get to explore the whole world from any place you live.

Google Cardboard

When you acquire an Android/iPhone, your first download should be a Google Cardboard headset. Everyone should have it for all the right reasons. Do you know what it does? It has great functions that will make you get glued to your phone more than you are at the moment.

It serves as an introduction to what’s there for you right from zipping over the Arctic to wraparound Google Earth. Well, these terms sound new? You’ll master them when you have this VR app.

Jaunt VR

This great VR gives you an opportunity to enjoy a mixture of short films and videos. Indeed, it gives you a variety right from live performances to others. Some of the commonly featured ones include those of the famous Paul McCartney and Jack White. If you are their fan, then you need this VR right now. You can get it for your Android or iPhone today and rest assured that you’ll enjoy live performances.

The list can go further than this, but if you get the above VR apps, then you are ready to enjoy things you’ve been missing. All the above and many others will for sure impress you. Having a smartphone without VR apps is a joke.

Give them a try, and you’ll experience great things that you’ve not encountered in the past.

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Amazon Tap And Echo Dot Alexa-Enabled Devices Launched

Amazon Tap And Echo Dot Alexa-Enabled Devices Launched

Amazon has recently released two additions to its Alexa-enabled device family. The latest additions to the lineup are called Amazon Tap and Echo Dot. Amazon Alexa-featuring devices are the voice command driven gadgets encompassing a speaker, just like a standalone Cortana which is capable of doing much more than just simply answering the questions or being confined to your smartphone features.

Moreover, these devices can also connect to other adaptable smart devices in your home like thermostats, lights and can even be used for weather forecasts, reading news and audiobooks etc.

Amazon Tap

According to David Limp, who is the Senior Vice President of the devices at Amazon, the initial idea of Amazon Echo was to develop a computer in the cloud that could be controlled with voice commands.

Despite the fact that the Amazon Echo received around 20,000 five star reviews and ratings when the device debuted, there were many who thought that there was still a lot of room for improvement. One of the most frequent demands put forward by the users was a compact version of the Echo and this is how the idea of the Amazon Tap was formulated. The voice-aided device was first announced back in January. It has a resemblance to the Apple Beats Pill Speaker and the Jawbone Jambox.

Amazon Tap weighs around 16.6 ounces and is a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi featuring device that comes with dual speakers ensuring excellent vocals and omni-directional sound.

To access the device, users are required to tap the Echo Go button and to connect to the internet by employing Alexa app of Amazon.

The device supports a whopping nine hours of battery time with uninterrupted playback and around three weeks on standby. In addition, the Amazon Tap comes with a charging cradle, making it comfortable for users to charge while using it.

The company will start shipping the product to the customers at the end of the current month.

Echo Dot

Echo Dot is apparently a younger sibling of the Echo and is priced way less as well. However, in terms of specs, Echo Dot has inherited many features from the original Echo such as far-field range that makes it possible to recognize the voice commands from long distances.

According to Amazon, this tiny device is exquisitely suitable to various situations, specifically for those who prefer personal speakers.

The device features a line-out connector that helps the users plug in an extrinsic output device. In addition, the Echo Dot can also be paired up with Bluetooth-powered speakers to stream music from Spotify, Prime Music, TuneIn and iHeartRadio.

And this is not it. The device can also act as an alarm clock or can even act as a controller to your smart tech devices at home such as thermostats, lights and other compatible devices.

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Cosmetic surgery in a nutshell

Cosmetic surgery in a nutshell

Cosmetic surgery more commonly known as plastic surgery involves the process’ of making significant changes to one’s appearance.  With more and more advancements and impressive results people are turning more and more to procedures.

Cosmetic surgery


The types:

There are two types of these surgeries: reconstruction and cosmetic. Reconstruction is basically the restoration of a damaged part due to accidents or illness. If the individual can afford it they usually go with this option. On the other hand cosmetic involves the alteration of the natural physical appearance for increased attractiveness.  It comes in different ways, from liposuction and breast augmentation to more non intruding ways like laser hair removal, skin glow and eye lens correction using laser. Overall both methods utilizes emerging technologies  to make forefront changes on the human body.

But there is financial concern attached to all of these surgeries. Besides that the total surgery and it’s effect is the responsibility of the bearer. That’s why the individual needs support from others close to him. This support will help him to make a sound decision as well as to cope with the later changes from surgery.

Do your own research:

Before making a decision it’s best to do your own research aside from everything you are told. If someone wants cosmetic solutions he should look into different surgeries available for his specific issue. The techniques applied to accomplish them and legal restrictions should be taken into consideration. Often there are restrictions with the use of prosthetics. Along with these reviews from patients and the pros and cons of all the available techniques must be looked on carefully. Last but not least pick out the surgeons on basis of their success and procedures. Finally a consultation is necessary like any other surgery. When you do the research on your own you will get a better understanding about the gravity of the surgery and everything related to it.

Society and individuals perspective:

Cosmetic surgery is the choice of the individual. People who have gone through it usually have a matter of aesthetics. They are very concerned with their appearance and how it effects their social lives and impact others in their circle. But it shouldn’t be mistaken with a mental disorder or something similar. The society and culture plays a key role here about these thoughts depending on the surroundings they live in. Cosmetic surgery gives them the chance to come out of these social disgrace about the appearance and accept themselves as if everything is fine. But most importantly it’s the decision of the very individual.

With the progress and  adaption of cosmetic surgeries in the recent years, it has become the subject of debate. Many  arguments with valid explanations have been described in contrary to surgeries for cosmetic purposes being unethical. It should be reminded that people have been altering their appearance since the dawn of civilization. With the flow of time and advancements in technology it reached the point where today it’s being deemed as a negative action. Nevertheless it’s an open choice and everyone deserves to make the decision about his own body.

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What to know before buying a curling iron

What to know before buying a curling iron

With all the available styling tools in market today it can be quite confusing to pick out the best curling iron for your hair. Most of these curling irons claim to be the best, so if everyone is the best than who really is telling the truth and who isn’t? There are some specific details which can help you to make a decision in this saturated market.

While you are looking for a curling iron for your hair you have to avoid everything advertised and claimed by the brand. Let’s face it they are all just marketing tactics to lure buyers and bring in more sales. But pay close attention to the details written in small letters on the package.


The first and probably the most important thing you should look for is a thermostat based heat control feature. Thermostat allows you to control heat. You can increase it or decrease it depending on the amount of heat you need for a specific style.

curling iron thermostat

Also hair is sensitive to heat. Different types of hair can withstand different amount of heat. For example coarse hair can withstand intense heat while fine hair only minimal. Curling irons without heat setting feature produces the same amount of heat. So it there is the chance of critical damage to your hair.

Barrel Material:

The second point you should keep an eye on is the material of the barrel. Most of the irons have metal barrels. But some have velvet plated and ceramic covered  barrels. Velvel plated irons are a good choice for hair this gets broken and snagged easily.

ceramic plated iron

On the other hand ceramic covered can help to infuse moisture deep into the hair strands when it’s curled. Depending on your hair type and the kind of style you want to have, you should consider the most friendly iron for your hair.

Swivel cord:

And lastly check the cord. It’s usually the first thing to go out of a curling iron. It happens because a lot of pressure gets applied on the joint where the cord is connected with the actual iron when it’s moved in different angles during use. Straight cord connections last shortest. Try getting an  iron with whirly cord connection. So that when it’s moved less stress will be put on the inner wires which powers the iron.


By now you should have a good idea about what to look for and what to avoid in a curling iron. Next time when you go to buy one of these tools recall these points in mind.



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LASIK is helping people to leave glasses at home

LASIK is helping people to leave glasses at home

LASIK, short for ‘laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis’ is the most advanced, hassle free and common laser based eye surgery for treating farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatism. LASIK is pain free and takes 15 minutes to be performed on both eyes. The result is improved vision without contact lens or eyeglass and it takes place under 24 hours from surgery. Most importantly, you won’t have to feel shy of wearing glasses ever again. And of course, the option of wearing colored contact lenses for fashion reasons still remains as they do not require a prescription.

laser on eye

Pre examination:

Doctors perform a thorough tests of patient’s eyes to be certain if they are healthy enough for the surgery. He will determine the pupil size, refractive errors(if there are any), thickness and shape of the cornea and the moistness of the eye. The doctor will make the exact map starting from the cornea to the retina using an automated instrument called corneal topographer. It basically measures the curvature of the surface of the cornea and starts making the map from the data. Combined with that patients undergo a wavefront analysis. Their eyes are subjected to different types of light at different intensities to detect any abnormality effecting the vision’s mechanism.

Procedure of LASIK surgery:

lasik steps

Similar to other refractive surgeries, LASIK reshapes the eye cornea in a way so that it can focus the entering light precisely on the retina for clear vision. This is the main objective of the whole surgery.

During the surgery numbing drops are applied to the eyes to relax them. Patient may be given other medications depending on their pre examination reports to be made comfortable. Next, the eyes are positioned under the laser emitter. An instrument known as the lid speculum is used to keep the eye lids open. The cornea is marked using ink marker. A suction ring is applied to the front to prevent any retinal movements or loss of contact which will in turn affect the overall flap quality.

After the flap is done creating the surgeon will fold back the hinged flap to access the underlying cornea. The laser is than positioned to pinpoint the cornea. This specialized laser uses a ultraviolet beam of ray to remove like microscopic amounts of tissue from the actual cornea so that it can focus light accurately to the retina. The temperature of the laser beam is very cool unlike conventional laser, so no heat is felt during the surgery. The laser pulses reshapes the cornea accordingly to the problem.

Right after the surgery temporary burns and itching maybe felt. The surgeon will perform a quick post operation test to determine if everything went smoothly. There maybe some haziness and blurred vision for the next 24 hours after the surgery. But it passes away after proper sleep and rest. Eye sight continues to improve and stabilize in 3-4 days usually.

LASIK can dramatically improve your vision and quality of life. Most people achieve 20/20 vision just after a few days from surgery. But some people achieve 20/40 people depending on their eye condition. You won’t have to use glasses in your daily activities, but incase you need the focus level will be much lower than usually required.




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