Amazon Tap And Echo Dot Alexa-Enabled Devices Launched

Amazon has recently released two additions to its Alexa-enabled device family. The latest additions to the lineup are called Amazon Tap and Echo Dot. Amazon Alexa-featuring devices are the voice command driven gadgets encompassing a speaker, just like a standalone Cortana which is capable of doing much more than just simply answering the questions or being confined to your smartphone features.

Moreover, these devices can also connect to other adaptable smart devices in your home like thermostats, lights and can even be used for weather forecasts, reading news and audiobooks etc.

Amazon Tap

According to David Limp, who is the Senior Vice President of the devices at Amazon, the initial idea of Amazon Echo was to develop a computer in the cloud that could be controlled with voice commands.

Despite the fact that the Amazon Echo received around 20,000 five star reviews and ratings when the device debuted, there were many who thought that there was still a lot of room for improvement. One of the most frequent demands put forward by the users was a compact version of the Echo and this is how the idea of the Amazon Tap was formulated. The voice-aided device was first announced back in January. It has a resemblance to the Apple Beats Pill Speaker and the Jawbone Jambox.

Amazon Tap weighs around 16.6 ounces and is a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi featuring device that comes with dual speakers ensuring excellent vocals and omni-directional sound.

To access the device, users are required to tap the Echo Go button and to connect to the internet by employing Alexa app of Amazon.

The device supports a whopping nine hours of battery time with uninterrupted playback and around three weeks on standby. In addition, the Amazon Tap comes with a charging cradle, making it comfortable for users to charge while using it.

The company will start shipping the product to the customers at the end of the current month.

Echo Dot

Echo Dot is apparently a younger sibling of the Echo and is priced way less as well. However, in terms of specs, Echo Dot has inherited many features from the original Echo such as far-field range that makes it possible to recognize the voice commands from long distances.

According to Amazon, this tiny device is exquisitely suitable to various situations, specifically for those who prefer personal speakers.

The device features a line-out connector that helps the users plug in an extrinsic output device. In addition, the Echo Dot can also be paired up with Bluetooth-powered speakers to stream music from Spotify, Prime Music, TuneIn and iHeartRadio.

And this is not it. The device can also act as an alarm clock or can even act as a controller to your smart tech devices at home such as thermostats, lights and other compatible devices.

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