Reasons You Should Have a Burner Phone for Emergencies

While we enjoy incredible features of productivity that our smartphones have, the idea of having a burner phone in your pocket is great. But even before we get deep into the reasons you need to have such a phone, it would be great first to explain what this phone is all about.

Well, a burner phone simply means a prepaid phone. But to make it a little bit clearer than this, we can simply term these types of phones as those with limited or even completely absent internet capabilities. That said, here are reasons you need to have one.


Though burner phones cannot replace your smart one, you need them in your backup toolkit for all the right reasons. With a burner phone, you are safe and will be happy some day for having it. Besides that, they are cheap additions that don’t need to you blow your account to have them.

When you acquire such phones, make sure you store your vital information there. Your smart device might be everything at the moment, but you’ll one day be glad you had a burner phone. It saves and helps when you are in a mess.


You don’t need a Google account, apps and others in a burner phone. It, therefore, means that with one, you can maintain privacy. With it, you can make a call, send/receive messages and that’s all. GPS tracking your location is not applicable when it comes to such phones. So if you want to enjoy privacy, then go ahead and have a burner phone. However, that does not imply that you do away with your iPhone. You need it too but having a burner for privacy is also great.

Unforeseen Challenges

Wow, this should have been the first reason to have a burner phone. Though iPhones and other smart technologies have a high level of security, no one can be hundred percent sure about anything. Things happen, change or turn out to be the opposite of what we expect. To avoid the hassles that come with emergencies then have a burner phone. It can save you in such situations.

Make maximum use of the amazing features that smart devices have, but please for the sake of unforeseen circumstances, let there be a spare burner one in you toolkit.

Letting Go or Logging Out

Sometimes we need some time out from the normal lifestyle of having a smart device near us. However, the smart life can be addictive. If you want some moments out of the internet or the connected lifestyle, a burner phone is the best option for you. You’ll agree with us that with a smartphone at hand, it’s hard to keep off the social media and others.

Therefore, have a burner phone for use when you need some time away from the connected world.
You now have reasons to keep that old phone still or even acquire a new old styled one. It’s useful and has its time. Having it does mean you are not embracing tech trends. It’s just a sign of preparedness.

The most important time that will make you regret not having one is during an emergency. Don’t learn from experience in this case. Have one, and you’ll thank yourself some day in the future possibly.

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