These Virtual Reality Apps Will Make Your Phone Your Best Friend

These Virtual Reality Apps Will Make Your Phone Your Best Friend

Do you have an iPhone or an Android handset but feel that it’s not doing as you expect? All you need to do is to get the best apps and start enjoying the incredible benefits of having virtual reality apps. Android and iPhone handsets can make do all those simple things that have been giving you hard times at home.

That aside, there are many other things for you if you have the right apps. Now the problem is which among the many apps there are great for your phone. Do you need to test all of them before picking one? Well, that might not be the best option.

All you need to do is to know the best ones and install them on your phone. Some of the best virtual reality apps for you include:


Well, this is obvious, and you must have expected it. You need this to enjoy virtual reality and videos 24/7. Nowadays there’s no need to buy lots of discs to watch videos and your other favorite stuff. With a smartphone, you can stream videos on YouTube from the comfort of your home without any limit.

Though there are other alternatives, there’s none that compares with YouTube. It’s the best, and every user of a smart device should have an app for this amazing video king. In fact, we cannot talk about virtual reality without mentioning YouTube.


If you love traveling and would like to have as many photos as possible, then you need Orbulus. Are you asking what is Orbulus? Well, it’s an amazing gallery of images of real-world places that many people travel every year.

Ask any travel enthusiast about it, and you’ll get to know what it means to have such a collection on your phone.

With it, you’ll always have a feeling of being in those places even if you’ve never been there in person. It’s the best for guys who love travelling. You get to explore the whole world from any place you live.

Google Cardboard

When you acquire an Android/iPhone, your first download should be a Google Cardboard headset. Everyone should have it for all the right reasons. Do you know what it does? It has great functions that will make you get glued to your phone more than you are at the moment.

It serves as an introduction to what’s there for you right from zipping over the Arctic to wraparound Google Earth. Well, these terms sound new? You’ll master them when you have this VR app.

Jaunt VR

This great VR gives you an opportunity to enjoy a mixture of short films and videos. Indeed, it gives you a variety right from live performances to others. Some of the commonly featured ones include those of the famous Paul McCartney and Jack White. If you are their fan, then you need this VR right now. You can get it for your Android or iPhone today and rest assured that you’ll enjoy live performances.

The list can go further than this, but if you get the above VR apps, then you are ready to enjoy things you’ve been missing. All the above and many others will for sure impress you. Having a smartphone without VR apps is a joke.

Give them a try, and you’ll experience great things that you’ve not encountered in the past.

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Cosmetic surgery in a nutshell

Cosmetic surgery in a nutshell

Cosmetic surgery more commonly known as plastic surgery involves the process’ of making significant changes to one’s appearance.  With more and more advancements and impressive results people are turning more and more to procedures.

Cosmetic surgery


The types:

There are two types of these surgeries: reconstruction and cosmetic. Reconstruction is basically the restoration of a damaged part due to accidents or illness. If the individual can afford it they usually go with this option. On the other hand cosmetic involves the alteration of the natural physical appearance for increased attractiveness.  It comes in different ways, from liposuction and breast augmentation to more non intruding ways like laser hair removal, skin glow and eye lens correction using laser. Overall both methods utilizes emerging technologies  to make forefront changes on the human body.

But there is financial concern attached to all of these surgeries. Besides that the total surgery and it’s effect is the responsibility of the bearer. That’s why the individual needs support from others close to him. This support will help him to make a sound decision as well as to cope with the later changes from surgery.

Do your own research:

Before making a decision it’s best to do your own research aside from everything you are told. If someone wants cosmetic solutions he should look into different surgeries available for his specific issue. The techniques applied to accomplish them and legal restrictions should be taken into consideration. Often there are restrictions with the use of prosthetics. Along with these reviews from patients and the pros and cons of all the available techniques must be looked on carefully. Last but not least pick out the surgeons on basis of their success and procedures. Finally a consultation is necessary like any other surgery. When you do the research on your own you will get a better understanding about the gravity of the surgery and everything related to it.

Society and individuals perspective:

Cosmetic surgery is the choice of the individual. People who have gone through it usually have a matter of aesthetics. They are very concerned with their appearance and how it effects their social lives and impact others in their circle. But it shouldn’t be mistaken with a mental disorder or something similar. The society and culture plays a key role here about these thoughts depending on the surroundings they live in. Cosmetic surgery gives them the chance to come out of these social disgrace about the appearance and accept themselves as if everything is fine. But most importantly it’s the decision of the very individual.

With the progress and  adaption of cosmetic surgeries in the recent years, it has become the subject of debate. Many  arguments with valid explanations have been described in contrary to surgeries for cosmetic purposes being unethical. It should be reminded that people have been altering their appearance since the dawn of civilization. With the flow of time and advancements in technology it reached the point where today it’s being deemed as a negative action. Nevertheless it’s an open choice and everyone deserves to make the decision about his own body.

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