What to know before buying a curling iron

With all the available styling tools in market today it can be quite confusing to pick out the best curling iron for your hair. Most of these curling irons claim to be the best, so if everyone is the best than who really is telling the truth and who isn’t? There are some specific details which can help you to make a decision in this saturated market.

While you are looking for a curling iron for your hair you have to avoid everything advertised and claimed by the brand. Let’s face it they are all just marketing tactics to lure buyers and bring in more sales. But pay close attention to the details written in small letters on the package.


The first and probably the most important thing you should look for is a thermostat based heat control feature. Thermostat allows you to control heat. You can increase it or decrease it depending on the amount of heat you need for a specific style.

curling iron thermostat

Also hair is sensitive to heat. Different types of hair can withstand different amount of heat. For example coarse hair can withstand intense heat while fine hair only minimal. Curling irons without heat setting feature produces the same amount of heat. So it there is the chance of critical damage to your hair.

Barrel Material:

The second point you should keep an eye on is the material of the barrel. Most of the irons have metal barrels. But some have velvet plated and ceramic covered  barrels. Velvel plated irons are a good choice for hair this gets broken and snagged easily.

ceramic plated iron

On the other hand ceramic covered can help to infuse moisture deep into the hair strands when it’s curled. Depending on your hair type and the kind of style you want to have, you should consider the most friendly iron for your hair.

Swivel cord:

And lastly check the cord. It’s usually the first thing to go out of a curling iron. It happens because a lot of pressure gets applied on the joint where the cord is connected with the actual iron when it’s moved in different angles during use. Straight cord connections last shortest. Try getting an  iron with whirly cord connection. So that when it’s moved less stress will be put on the inner wires which powers the iron.


By now you should have a good idea about what to look for and what to avoid in a curling iron. Next time when you go to buy one of these tools recall these points in mind.



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