The Beauty of Technology: How One Product Is Changing How Men Look

When you think of technology, your mind probably instantly looks towards computers and data. And it should of course. But when you take a minute and just look around you, you will soon realize that technology is everywhere. From our refrigerators to our own bathrooms, there are so many objects and entities that we come to contact every day that would have never been there had it not been for these vast technological advances. One of them happens to be something that is changing the face of male beauty. I was brushing my teeth the other day and just noticed something at the edge of my eye, something that I had not noticed before even though it was sitting there the whole time for me and I have used it multiple times. That was and is the beard trimmer, something that you might have recently been introduced to, as it is gaining traction as a household product for men out there. But what is it about these top male facial hair trimmers that makes them so special?

Well for starters, they are revolutionizing the way we upkeep our beards. The ease, usability, and capability of one of these products can impact the way a man’s beard looks single handed. Now getting back to the technological aspect of this, here is how these trimmers work and why they are so effective:

A powerful rotary motor runs the system

The motor inside a beard trimmer is very desirable, and for good reasons. It works like your basic rotor which turns with power that is measured by RPM’s. This technology has been around for a while and is most commonly found inside your car’s hood. This means that there is a tiny little powerful motor that affects the way you shave and trim your facial hair. Yes you heard that right. Corded beard trimmers come with more power than cordless beard clippers and that is because the battery in the cordless ones limits the amount of power that goes toward the motor. Not to worry though, you really don’t need that much power to cut your facial hair, as long as you do not have a hedge bush up there!

What Can You Do With A Beard Trimmer

Whether you want to trim your really long beard down to a more manageable length, or want to show off your manly stubble, a trimmer is the right man for the job. To be honest, razor’s can’t give you the same trim and it is actually quite difficult to get the length you want with a Gillette. Electric shavers are more for getting a close razor shave, so that is where the beard clipper comes in. Your barber uses one and it is so effective that is used on people’s hair as well. It’s primary use however is for facial hair and it does such a potent job in handling the situation. I use mine every day and trim my beard to the length that I like and one that prevents any itching for occurring. Maintaining this product is easy too. All you need is a frugal clipper oil that you put a drop on the blades every couple of days to keep them fresh and from dulling. I really enjoy the uses of mine and definitely recommend that you get one as well if you do not already own one. Look for Wahl or Remington as they have been around for a while and make quality products.

I want you guys to look around your house after you read this and just see how many things that you haven’t cognitively noticed are actually made possibly by technology. I guarantee you will be surprised by the amount of things and you will probably write to me. Shoot me an email and tell me the most bizarre piece of technology that you own.

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